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Emily, Reece and family in living room

and Reece's

Meet Emily, 27, Reece, 26 and their family of four, who recently moved into their forever home at one of our Derbyshire developments.

Despite paying more for their mortgage than they were for their rent, the couple have completely upgraded their living arrangements, after going from renting a small 2 bedroom terraced home to buying a spacious, detached 4 bedroom home with a utility room, driveway and garage.

happy couple in a Cavan home

and Laurynas'

Meet Karolina and Laurynas who live in a 4 bedroom detached Carlow.

After pondering their next steps, Karolina and Laurynas decided to escape the rent trap and get onto the property ladder, so they started looking at new build developers in their area.  

After finding Gleeson, the couple fell in love with the spacious 4 bedroom detached Carlow and when they saw how affordable it would be for their mortgage they were sold.  

Couple outside Waterford

and Ben's

Meet Rachel and Ben, both 26 and owners of a stunning 4 bedroom Waterford.

After renting a whole host of different properties, from small flats to semi-detached houses, Rachel and Ben dreamt of getting onto the property ladder.

After being inspired by Rachel’s Grandparents Gleeson home, and exploring a Waterford show home, the couple knew that a new build home was for them!

and Dorrena's

Meet Paul and Dorrena, both 29, and their baby boy Rossa, who is just six month's old. 

Paul and Dorrena’s home buying story is truly unique, with Rossa arriving into the world on the day they got the keys to their new Gleeson home.

After renting for seven years, the couple are so happy to be in their own home with their gorgeous baby and feel that everything is falling into place. They are saving £200 per month on their previous rent cost, with their mortgage being better value, and with it being a new house, their bills are low too!

customers at front of door

and Jordan's

Meet Alexa, 26 and Jordan, 29, newlyweds based in Louth who moved into their dream family home with their son.

After living in rented accommodation for eight years and raising a now six-year old child, the couple had outgrown their previous accommodation and wanted a spacious family home to call their own.

After postponing three wedding dates resulting in a six year engagement due to lockdown restrictions, and not expecting to buy a home so soon, the couple were thrilled when they stumbled across Gleeson who were able to make their dream of homeownership a reality sooner than they thought!