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Lauren's homeownership story!

After renting for nearly nine years and eagerly wanting to get onto the property ladder, Lauren is now the proud owner of a gorgeous 3-bedroom semi-detached Fergus.

Associate Ambulance Practitioner Lauren really wanted to escape the rent trap; she made the move and hasn’t looked back since! With her mortgage being less than half her previous rent and having much more space in her Gleeson home, Lauren is incredibly happy to start her new life in the Fergus.  

When did you reserve your home? January 2022 

When did you move in? June 2022 

What is your house purchase price: £164,995 

What is your mortgage cost? £413 pcm 

Which house type did you buy? 3-bedroom semi-detached Fergus  

Is this your first home? Yes, this is my first home, and I absolutely adore it! I was incredibly happy to discover that I could afford a Fergus on my income, which was a huge step up from renting. I’ve been able to begin my homeownership journey all thanks to Gleeson. 

Why did you choose to buy with Gleeson? My family bought a Gleeson home and my mum pointed out the new development to me. Returning to my hometown and being close to my family seemed like the right choice.  

I like how Gleeson provides so many options for customising your home! I have quite a unique style and I wanted to decorate my home in bold, vibrant colours rather than a neutral colour scheme. My kitchen is a one of my favourite rooms, and I chose the newly released blue to complement my home style! 

Why did you choose to buy new? Buying new was the best option for me. I didn't have to worry about costly renovations, plastering, or electrical work; my home was literally ready to move into the day I got the keys! It also meant I could concentrate on adding small details to make it truly feel like home. 

After nine years of renting, it was clearly the right time to buy. As a solo buyer, I needed something affordable without compromising on quality and Gleeson seemed to be the obvious choice. My rented property was much smaller, whereas my Gleeson home has plenty of space. Enough space for my piano, which takes pride of place in my living room! 

Why did you choose the Fergus house style? I visited the development to reserve a Cork, but it had already been reserved by the time I arrived for my appointment. I called my mortgage advisor, who told me that I was able to afford a Fergus. As a result, I now have a bigger home, for less than I was previously paying to rent! I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! 

How was the process of buying your new home? As a first-time buyer, the idea of purchasing a home on my own was intimidating. Gleeson and my mortgage advisor were extremely helpful and were always available via e-mail or phone. The sales team provided excellent customer service; they went above and beyond to ensure that any problems I encountered were quickly resolved. 

What do you love the most about your home? Owning now allows me to do exactly what I want to do and decorate how I want to, with no restrictions from landlords. My home is bright and airy, and there is plenty of natural light!  

I’m very fortunate to have a south-facing garden too which I'm looking forward to hosting garden parties and barbecues for my friends and family as the evenings lighten and the weather gets a little warmer! 

What is life like on your development? My development is a small community which I love being part of. Prior to completion, I attended a show home opening event which was a fantastic opportunity to meet my neighbours and share this exciting experience with them. 

We live in a very friendly development where everyone looks out for each other; it's lovely that everyone gets along. If anyone ever needs assistance, we're only a few doors away! 

Did you make use of any schemes when buying your home? I used the Key Worker incentive and received a £1000 voucher to spend on optional extras. Seeing as my family also live in a Gleeson home, we were also able to take advantage of the Gleeson Recommend a Friend Scheme, which provided me with an additional £250 to spend on optional extras. This was really useful, and it meant I could save the  money for accessories. My family also received £100 for recommending me! It was a win-win situation. 

Do you follow Gleeson Homes on Instagram for interior inspiration? I follow Gleeson on Instagram and use it for interior design inspiration; it's fun to see how other Gleeson homeowners have decorated their homes! 

I consider myself to be quite a unique person, and I enjoy incorporating my personality into my home styling, which you can see documented on my Instagram, @fergus.47

How has life changed since owning your Gleeson home? I am in a much better position in both my personal and professional life. I’ve always been quite independent, but becoming a solo homeowner is another level!  

I would recommend anyone looking to move into a Gleeson home to just do it – you won’t look back.

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