Front of Brandon Home

Michelle’s homeownership story!

Out with the old home and in with the new!

Buyer: Michelle Eyre, 45

Occupation: Mental Health Worker   

Year of purchase: September 2023

Development: Firbeck Fields, Langold, Worksop

House type: 3 bedroom, detached Brandon

Purchase price: £219,000

Mortgage cost: £575

After living in her two-bedroom semi-detached home for 21 years, Michelle was ready for a fresh start, so she decided to sell up and purchase a brand new home with Gleeson. Using Part Exchange, Michelle was able to forego the typical stress of selling her existing home and enjoy the seamless process of buying her dream home.

We spoke to Michelle to find out more about her homebuying journey with Gleeson:

“From the moment I stepped foot onto the Firbeck Fields development, it had such a tranquil and peaceful feel and I couldn’t believe how much greenery there was! The development is on farmers' fields, therefore is not overlooked, plus I had never been on a development with so much space between homes. As soon as I met with the Gleeson team, they made me feel welcomed and heard. There was no pressure at all from the sales team and it was them that suggested looking into the Part Exchange options as I wanted a quick sale and be out of my old house for the winter (which I was)."

“I am a single lady and wanted a quality home at an affordable price and this is what I have got. The quality of the build is amazing, and Gleeson has enabled me to purchase a spacious, detached 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a garage, that I can confidently say I never thought I would own by myself. I previously owned a 2 bedroom semi-detached house and I had lived in the property from it being a plot 21 years ago, therefore had nearly paid off my mortgage. Renting has never been an option for me, therefore the decision was always going to be to buy as I had a great deposit to put down from the sale of my old home."

“In all honesty, the process of buying my home was seamless! I part exchanged my old house and therefore had no chain or stress to sell. From the point of reserving my new home the whole process took around three months. The only part of the process that was a little consuming was a land registry issue on my old home, however, this was sorted within a month and Gleeson confidently reassured me throughout that it would not have any impact on the purchase of my new home. From the exchange of contracts to completion, it took 10 days!"

“Whilst I know Part Exchange is not always financially a sound decision, I had a lot of equality in my old home and wanted to remove the stress of selling it, it was the right decision at the right time for me and I haven’t looked back. I also received a 5% deposit contribution from Gleeson which was a bonus!"

“I have been living in my new home for just over three months now and have never felt as content, safe and happy as I feel in my Gleeson home. The estate I previously lived on had changed over the last few years and was not somewhere I wanted to live anymore. I had brought my son up in the house for most of his life, and he is now 25 and a homeowner himself. The estate had become noisy and crowded and no longer felt like home, my neighbour had passed away sadly and suddenly, I felt detached and wanted a new start somewhere fresh, green and peaceful, which is exactly what I have managed to get!"

“I find it a fantastic personal milestone for me to have purchased this home. I have a fabulous career and a lot of the time where I can work from home, therefore I wanted an office that was solely an office with a beautiful view. Now when I am working, I love to look out at the stunning green fields and the manor house nearby. I continue to feel very blessed each day and when I am having my morning coffee with my sausage dog sitting at my side, we regularly are visited by the family of pheasants that pass my window! Most mornings I smile drink my coffee and feel so very happy."

“I love the feeling of being the only person to have lived in my home. Everything is brand new and I have only experienced the odd snags here and there. Gradually in time, I hope to decorate and put my own stamp on it - I would always opt for a new build. I am also confident in knowing that as the home has an EPC rating of B, the energy bills will be lower than what I was previously paying in my old house."

“I am one of Gleeson's biggest champions and would always recommend to anyone wanting a new build at an affordable price to seriously consider a Gleeson home. The standard of build and support I have received is amazing and the aftercare has also been exceptional. I have not had any issues with my home, but when I have had any questions, the whole team are contactable and will go above and beyond to support their customers. I know that friends and family who live in new builds that aren’t Gleeson have not received the level of care which I have, and I am proud to own my beautiful home.”

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