Olivia and Cam's homeownership story!

Buyers: Olivia, 23 and Cam, 27 

Occupations: Olivia is a Primary School Teacher and Cam is a Personal Trainer

Year of purchase: May 2024

Development: Crown Gardens, Mansfield

House type: 3 bedroom, detached Liffey

Purchase price: £249,995

Mortgage cost: £653

Shared Ownership rent: £288

Previous rent per month: £1,050

First-time buyers, Olivia and Cam initially thought it would take years before they could purchase their first home together. However, their dream of stepping onto the property ladder became a reality sooner than they thought when they discovered Shared Ownership with Gleeson.

We spoke with Olivia to find out more about their homebuying journey!

“Cameron and I rented two homes before moving into our first home with Gleeson. We lived in Cotgrave whilst I was studying at university and then we moved to Kirkby-in-Ashfield when I secured my first teaching job. We soon realised that renting was becoming more expensive than paying for a mortgage and therefore, made the decision to begin our journey to homeownership with Gleeson.

“We heard amazing things about Gleeson and other people who we know have also secured homes with Gleeson, which made it an easy choice for us! The homes that Gleeson build are not typical new build houses – they offer a variety of styles across all developments, making it more appealing.

“We thought it would be years until we could save for the deposit and buy, however after understanding and becoming more aware of Shared Ownership, we decided this would be an easy and affordable way to take our first steps onto the the property ladder.  Whilst living in our rental property, we didn’t realise that there were so many helpful schemes available.

“Our previous home was similar in size to the new house we purchased; however, our Gleeson home is detached and comes with the bonus of a garage, which is fantastic! While we used to pay £1,050 per month for our previous home, we now pay £941 for our Shared Ownership home, yet we are enjoying numerous additional benefits. Making the switch was an obvious choice for us!

“We went with Shared Ownership to help us with the buying process. We don’t have lots of money as first-time buyers/younger people so we thought we’d buy half of our dream home and buy more shares as and when we can!

“Our previous rental homes were also new builds and, we just love the whole feel of everything being brand new and fresh! We wanted to experience this properly for ourselves and in our own home!

“We never knew the journey into homeownership could be so easy! If we knew the whole process could be as good and easy as this, we would have started our journey way before now! All the Gleeson staff were so helpful and amazing, and this is still the case after moving into our home. To say we hadn’t bought a home before, we were aware of everything every step of the way, and nothing was ‘hidden’ from us that would surprise us later down the line.

"Without a shadow of a doubt, we would recommend Gleeson. Nothing is too big or too small for them. From the beginning of our journey, right to the first week of moving in, Gleeson provided a seamless experience and I have full faith they will continue to be just as great in the future!

"We are just so happy now! It feels like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders and now all our money isn’t wasted on a rental and going into someone else’s pocket. We have had so much help moving into our new home and lots of people have come and celebrated the moment with us. We are excited to now start this next chapter in our lives with our dog Nala.

"Thank you for making our dreams come true, Gleeson!"

If you have been inspired by Olivia and Cam’s homebuying journey, why not browse our nearest developments to you? With affordable buying schemes, a wide range of offers and additional incentives and energy efficiency as standard, there’s never been a better time to buy new with Gleeson.