Christmas tree in a Carlow living room

Christmas in your first home

There’s nothing quite as festive (or fun!) as decorating your first home for Christmas. Whether you want to keep things simple and elegant with a silver and white theme, or you're feeling festive and simply cannot wait to hang those glitzy baubles, the first Christmas in your new home is unforgettable.

We understand that decorating your first home for Christmas can feel daunting for some people, especially if you’ve only recently been given the all-important move in date! We've selected our festive favourite top-tips to help you turn your new home into Santa's workshop!

  1. The main event

The Christmas tree is arguably the focal point of any festive interior. Firstly, you need to find the right size and style so you will need to think where you’re placing it. You can choose a real evergreen conifer or a fake one (which can be reused the following year!) for less upkeep. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference.

Make a day of it and go to your local garden centre to find the perfect tree for your space; remember to get there early to secure the best ones! Alternatively, seeing as December is a very busy month, you can always consider purchasing your tree online. Don't limit yourself to one! Adding small trees to hallways and bedrooms can help to spread the Christmas spirit throughout your home.

Whether it's a green, white, or even black, give your tree the spotlight in your new home.

IG Credits: @our.lisburnhome

  1. Colour scheme

After choosing your tree, it's time to get creative with colour! You might decide on a traditional, modern colour scheme that features hints of gold, green, and red. For any new home that wants to have a more elegant appearance, silver and white tones are timeless.

Why not establish a new tradition to celebrate the festive season and select a colour palette based on your favourite hues? Perhaps you prefer blush pink or glittery black. The decision is entirely yours!

  1. Decorations

Decorations, whether simple or elaborate, can really bring the Christmas spirit into your home. Why not wrap a garland around the banister of your stairs and layer it with fairly lights for a festive touch! We think this would look great in a Kilkenny! You could also drape these across shelves or mantelpieces to finish your stylish festive look.

You could also spruce up your front door with a lovely wreath. These look great throughout the home too, suspended on mirrors and internal doors. This year's trend of pampas wreaths are wonderful for a simple, classy look, and we adore them!

It doesn't necessarily need to be heavily decorated to feel like Christmas. A few Christmas-scented candles can significantly alter the ambience in your home. There's nothing quite like coming home from a chilly day and lighting a candle to unwind, not to mention how lovely it will smell! We love the Yankee collection and think these would look great on coffee tables!

For a quick finishing touch, swap out your cushion covers for ones with a Christmas theme. On your sofa, spread a cosy blanket in preparation for your binge-watching session of holiday movies!

IG Credit: @homebymacy

However you choose to celebrate Christmas in your new home, take time to savor this special moment. Although it can be a stressful time, pause to appreciate all your hard work and get ready for another festive season next year!

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