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Energy efficiency in your new build home

There is no doubt that through the winter months, the cold days and nights might have people worrying about the cost of energy bills. However, when you buy new with Gleeson Homes, you can have peace of mind that your brand new home is built using modern construction methods and full of nifty energy saving features to keep your EPC rating down. In the financial year ended June 2023, 95% of Gleeson homes achieved an EPC rating of B or above*.

New build properties are generally known to be far more energy efficient and better insulated, reducing your carbon footprint and having a greater impact on the environment. The latest figures released by the House Builders Federation (HBF) suggest that owners of a new build home can save just over £2,000* a year on their energy bills.

Energy efficient features

A new home is extremely energy efficient, due to being constructed using modern building methods, and with energy saving equipment installed.  

This includes zoned heating, allowing you to control the thermostat of selected rooms, helping you to keep certain rooms cooler, which all helps to keep the running costs down. 

Our homes also have well insulated lofts, ensuring heat can't escape, brand new boilers, new appliances, and water saving taps installed. We also complete air testing to calculate the air tightness of our homes, ensuring they not only look good, but are cosy and energy efficient too!

Air source heat pump technology

Recent changes to the UK Building Regulations mean that over the next few years, heat pumps will become a common addition to homes in the UK. As part of our commitment to future proofing our homes and adhering to the change in regulations, we are phasing out the use of traditional gas boilers, replacing them with air source heat pump technology (ASHP). This means that any Gleeson home built from June 2023 onwards will have an ASHP as standard.  
Air source heat pumps are a much more energy efficient method of heating. In fact, for every kilowatt of electrical energy consumed by the heat pump, around three kilowatts of heat energy will be provided. That means that two kilowatts of energy are extracted from the air – which is completely free!

To find out more, why not check out our recent episode on the Gleeson New Homes Podcast?

Can I take steps to reduce my energy bills? 

There are many steps you can proactively take that may likely reduce running costs and monthly bills. Here are some of our top tips: 

  • Install light fittings that are energy efficient and switch the lights off in rooms you’re not using. You might even choose to upgrade your lighting at the point of reservation through our optional extras range! 

  • When the weather allows, choose to dry your clothes outside in the fresh air, instead of using a tumble dryer. 

  • Only boil as much water in the kettle as you need and where possible, heat food in the microwave or using an air fryer, as they use less energy than an oven. 

  • Install a smart energy meter to monitor how much energy you’re using each day, week or month! 

Energy efficiency is just one of the many reasons why buying new is best, but there’s also a whole host of additional reasons too, from having a blank canvas to completely personalise to being the first to make memories in your new home. 
If you’re thinking of making the move to a new build home, visit our developments page to see what’s available in your area.

* Gleeson EPC certificates obtained during 2023 financial year.

HBF Report - Watt a Save 2024.