Couple in a Gleeson kitchen

Our top new home must-haves

Buying a new home is one of the biggest purchase decisions you’ll make in life and you’re potentially feeling both excited and nervous at the same time. At Gleeson we know that there is so much to think about, even after you get the keys! But we are here to help, not only through your sales journey but with all those little details that can easily slip your mind.

With all this new space to fill, you might be wondering where to start and what purchases you need to prioritise… that’s why we’ve rounded up our top must-haves for a new home, to help you on your way.

New home purchases don’t need to break the bank, and once you’ve nailed these basics you can create your dream home over time – there’s no rush.



First things first. Let’s get the kettle on, because that first cuppa in your brand new kitchen-diner is going to be great. That’s why a kettle has to be number one on our list.

Not only is this practical and needed for everyday living, it’s also a great way to start accessorising your home. Whatever your kitchen theme may be, there is definitely a kettle that will work with your style. You could combine simplicity and tradition and choose a stovetop kettle to reduce that kitchen clutter and keep your worksurfaces simple. Or pick a kettle with a beautiful toaster and microwave to match. We know for sure that you’ll need a few brews to get you through the unpacking and organising that comes with moving home. And don’t forget the teabags and milk!

Cleaning Caddy

Our beautiful homes are handed to you all clean and sparkly, and we can guarantee you’ll want to keep this up and have a home to be proud of. That’s why we suggest that you put together a cleaning caddy packed full of cleaning necessities ready for moving in. There is nothing better than grabbing a cloth, a bottle of Zoflora and wiping down your radiators to finish your home and spread a beautiful scent. Or go for basics and pick up a multi-purpose product, we absolutely love the Method Anti-Bac All Purpose Cleaner in Wild Rhubarb scent. Although, always check the instructions on all your cleaning products and be careful using porous products on stainless steel.  


Are you at the stage where the thought of a new vacuum cleaner gets you all giddy? Call yourself Mrs Hinch and invest in a vacuum cleaner ready for your dream new home.

A vacuum cleaner is again a practical purchase and a necessity for every homeowner. After all, you can’t be posting snapshots of your new home on social media without vacuum lines, can you? The world of vacuums is huge, and with so many to choose from our top tip is search for bargains and check out reviews. We love a cordless vac to make that whiz round simple and easy, before you settle down for the evening to relax.


Adding those finishing touches and soft furnishings to your home may take you a while, which is why we think a sleep mask is the perfect purchase when buying new. That way, you don’t need to worry about getting those curtain poles up and the curtains ordered right away, and with an eye mask you are guaranteed to have a great night’s sleep in your new home, uninterrupted by the sun.

After all, what’s worse than tossing and turning all night with no sleep? Sleep masks are meant to aid a deeper quality sleep with elevated melatonin levels, helping to synchronize our sleep-wake cycles and transition us into sleep… need we say more? This little trick may actually become embedded in your every day routine. Thank us later.


On the topic of sleep, it goes without saying that you will of course need a bed, given we spend a third of our lives asleep. You might have your master bedroom décor all planned out and your mood board ready to go, so in that case you can of course dive straight in and order your dreamy bed. But, if you’re still pondering the many bed styles and looks, all you need to do is find the comfiest mattress you can and finish with some luxe bed linens for the cosiest nights sleep in your new home. It will certainly make your first night feel like an adventure!


We know this one is a slight cheat, as this is a treat for you and not for your home but you’ll definitely be in need of a relaxing pamper once move in day is done and dusted. Make sure you treat yourself to some luxe toiletries to enjoy your first bath or shower in your new bathroom. After all who doesn’t love a bubble bath? Add some candles and have the ultimate relaxing experience, winding down for your first night in your new home.

We hope our top must haves, have inspired your new home purchase and helped you find some clarity on where to start with kitting out your new place. Of course, the list can be endless and different for each individual, so make sure to tag us in your top new home purchases on Instagram so we can spread the inspo across our #Gleesonhomescommunity.