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Top tips to organise your home!

A clean and organised home equals a clean and organised mind and whilst we know an organised home is the dream, chaos can often be the reality. However, moving home is the perfect chance to have a sort out and get your belongings into shape.

Whether you have an abundance of clutter to sort out or just love storage and space organisation, we’re positive that you’ll benefit from our top tips below, helping keep your home and your mind as clear as possible.


Let’s start in the kitchen. This room often houses the most stuff and the most boring stuff at that, but it can be the most easily organised space. The easiest hack we’ve found is grab and go fridge caddies. All you’ll need are enough small baskets to cover your main food groups. You can organise your fridge into meats, fruits, veggies, dairy, drinks, sauces and much more, however you like, however you eat. This is a really inexpensive tip and won’t take you a long time to set up either. We’d definitely advise opting for a clear style so that you can easily see the contents but any basket type will do the job just fine, but make sure their easy to wipe and clean in case you have any spillages!

If you are disgusted by the sight of half empty, open packets and have a little more time on your hands, then you absolutely need to invest in stackable containers. Again opting for a glass or plastic finish so you can easily see inside and keep a theme throughout your kitchen, these little containers will save you space, save you time and give you the ultimate level of organisation in your kitchen. Plus, we’ve noticed that supermarket re-fill stations are becoming more popular, so with this hack you can eventually embrace your inner sustainable self and take these containers to your nearest station too.

Pots and pans can always be a bulky collection to organise but again there are so many solutions to solve this mess and wire pan organisers will be your new best friend. These can be used to store pan lids, pans themselves or baking trays. You can also add tension rods to your cupboards, creating a grid like section that separates the main bulk of your trays and stops them from falling over. Often a lot of space is wasted between your kitchen shelves, so by inserting more you can double up and add extra layers of storage.

On the topic of extra kitchen storage, we couldn't leave out this incredible hack from a customer, who has used storage under the stairs as a cabinet to house his cooking ingredients!

Credit: @tfnewbuild

Check out this clever hack from one of our lovely Gleeson customers that shows how to optimise storage space for your pots and pans!

Credit: @foreverfergus10

Now that your fridge is tidy, your pans are organised and you have nailed the stackable cannister collection. We need to address your tins. We’re all about convenience and who wants to be rooting to the back of their cupboard every time they need a tin of soup? So, that’s why we recommend purchasing some shelf steps which are effectively just different height tiers that you add to the shelves. Placing products on these means all labels are visible and all your contents organised.  

Living Room

You may have chosen a minimalistic style for your living room, meaning you don’t have much to store or organise in here, but just in case you’re looking out for a handy place to store your belongings we have to mention footstools. Adding an element of comfort and style to your space, opt for a footstool that doubles as storage. Whether that’s for the little nik naks that you want to hide or a place to keep your blankets, a footstool is a great little addition to your living room.

If you have no place for a footstool in your living room and would rather have a stylish coffee table instead, you can still easily incorporate storage into your design. There are so many coffee tables to choose from and often they have a little storage too. You can take your pick of traditional types that feature shelves or draws, to style aesthetically or hide your sins, or perhaps you could choose a more modern style and pick a lift up coffee table that features hidden storage and gives you an adjustable surface that you can raise to different heights. The dual functionality of this particular style is handy and on-trend.


Maybe it’s time to tackle your wardrobe and get rid of those crammed rails and draws. Well if that’s the case then first things first, you need space saving hangers. Not only does this add a level of coordination to your wardrobe but you’ll create loads more space. If you’ve bought a Gleeson home you’re most likely saving extra money a month on your rent and bills, well with this extra disposable income and the space you’ll create with these hangers, you’ve got the perfect excuse to go buy more clothes to fill it.

You can also add dividers and arrange your clothes into categories, whether that’s by clothing type or colour, this little touch will finish the wardrobe perfectly and make outfit planning all that easier. You can get many different types of clothing dividers, whether they’re for shelving, hanging rails or draws there will be something that works for your space perfectly.

Shoes are always a little trickier, they do take up more space and for convenience need to be easy to reach. Rather than cramming these in a jumbled box under your bed or in a draw, we recommend clear stackable shoe boxes. This means you can see exactly what you need and grab the perfect pair, whilst keeping them in the best condition and your wardrobe organised - this storage hack won’t cost you a fortune either.

Or, if you’re proud of your shoe collection and prefer to show it off then you can hack your shoe storage with some simple shelving on which you can line up all your favourite pairs. Just make sure you put them back at the end of the day, remember – organised home, organised mind.

                                                                                                                                                     Credit: @thetyronehome

Lastly, let’s talk bed linens. Often bulky and placeless in your home this handy little hack will save you space, keep you organised and keep your bedding smelling fresh for longer. All you need to do, is fold the complete set and place it inside one of the pillow cases. This means that your sets are all together eliminating that rumble around for matching pieces, they’re easily stackable and like we said fresh for longer. Get yourself a dedicated basket and keep all sets in one place to maximise your organisation and hack your bed linen storage. You can also do the same for your bath towels or any other sort of linens that need a place in your home.

To sum up, we know you’ll want to show off your new home regardless, but these little hacks will take that to the next level and make sure every corner of your home is fit for Instagram.

Remember to keep it simple - organisation is key but only organise the areas necessary for you. Make sure you have a system in place - this doesn’t need to be complicated but sticking to it will make this a habit and not an effort (habits can be formed from as little as six days so make sure you persevere). Don’t be overwhelmed - tidy in stages and start small. If you nail all these you’ll be sure to clear your home and your mind.

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