Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating

Understanding energy performance ratings!

As energy bills remain relatively high, it is important to understand your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. An EPC is a standard requirement for any property in the UK and contains information about your property’s energy use and typical energy costs, it also shows what your carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be.

Much like the multi-coloured sticker you will on your new appliances, your EPC rating tells you how energy efficient your Gleeson home is, rating it from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). We are proud to say that 95%* of our homes achieve an EPC rating of B or above, meaning a Gleeson home is definitely the sensible choice when comparing to older properties of which just 5% reached the same standard*, this could be due to them having less modern appliances and dated insulation.

You can have peace of mind that your Gleeson home is built using modern construction methods and full of nifty energy saving features keeping your EPC rating down. This includes zoned heating, allowing you to control the thermostat of selected rooms, helping you to keep certain rooms cooler when you’re not using them! Our homes have also got well insulated lofts, ensuring heat can't escape, brand new boilers, new appliances, and water saving taps installed. We also complete air testing to calculate the air tightness of our stunning homes, ensuring they not only look good but are cosy and energy efficient too.

You might notice that your EPC rating includes two options, your current rating and also your potential energy efficiency rating. This is an estimation of the EPC rating you might achieve if you were to make energy efficiency improvements. Despite reaching a B rating, there are many ways to continue to improve your rating to achieve an A rating after you move in. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Switching to low energy lighting – Upgrade your lighting in your home to energy efficient LEDs, they are much more energy-efficient and eco-friendly too which could make all the difference in your Gleeson home, this is available through our fantastic optional extras range!
  • Install a smart energy meter – Smart meters are a great way of you keeping track of how much energy you are using, enabling you to modify your behaviour accordingly
  • Investing in solar panels – This might not be a low-cost fix, however the initial investment could prove worthwhile in the long-term. 

It is important to note that the EPCs are valid for 10 years from the date of issue. Click here for more information on how we ensure affordability is built into your brand new Gleeson home.

*Gleeson EPC certificates obtained during 2023 financial year