Why Buy New Build?

Does a home that's a blank canvas, has never been lived in before and comes with a 10 year warranty appeal to you? If so, these are just some of the countless reasons why you should buy new. 

webuild for you

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The options are endless with a new Gleeson home

There's so many ways that you can personalise your new home from the moment we start to build it for you. You can choose from a beautiful range of kitchens* and optional upgrades, including bathrooms, appliances, carpets, flooring and tiling. The combination of styles are endless and tailored to your taste, making it truly personal to you. Your home, your way.

From interior design features to more practical options such as alarm systems, garden fencing and additional power points, we’ll not only give you the chance to personalise your home, but we’ll also guide you through it ensuring your home is adapted completely to your lifestyle.  

* Dependent on build stage.

webuild new

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A new home is just that....new

A new home is just that… new. You’ll be the first person to make memories in your home and when you receive the keys, everything inside it is brand new and unused.

The high quality technology you’ll find in your home will make your life easier in so many ways. You don’t need to worry about anything breaking as each appliance in your home is brand new and comes with a manufacturer warranty (just make sure to read your manuals and register them though).

You’ll be the first to use your oven, so you won’t need to worry about a deep clean to get rid of years of someone else’s cooking mishaps. And you’ll be the first to fire up your heating, not only will you no longer need Mum and Dad’s permission or be told to put on a jumper, but you’ve got that guarantee that you can heat your home efficiently and with ease.

webuild efficiently

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Light bulb moment

New build homes are known to be far more energy efficient than their older counterparts. A brand new, Gleeson home is built using modern construction methods, with a new boiler, and modern insulation materials.

This creates a better structure for keeping heat in, ensuring you’re cosy and warm but are also saving money!

webuild to last

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Peace of mind comes as standard

We’re committed to building quality, affordable homes and delivering a service to you from the moment you meet us. The NHBC carry out key stage inspections throughout the build process alongside our internal inspection processes, to ensure build quality throughout. Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop once we hand over your keys.

After key release we commit to a two year Gleeson warranty, backed by the NHBC's resolution service, and a further eight years of insurance cover from NHBC to give you absolute trust, peace of mind and comfort in your new home.

webuild a blank canvas

A neutral themed kitchen.

Your new home is a blank canvas ready for you to add your personal touches

A new home is a blank canvas. There is no need to worry about stripping wallpaper, sanding down skirting boards or ripping up a flowery carpet when you buy a Gleeson home. Step inside a newly plastered and painted home which gives you the foundation to style to your own taste, simply move in and furnish how you like.

webuild happiness

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With a new home, there's no forward chain

We’re sure that in house search, you’ll have heard the horror stories about chains and the endless delays and complications that come with them. Well when buying new there is no forward chain, as you’re the first person to be stepping into your new home. All you’ll be waiting for is the build to finish.

webuild ownership

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Buying schemes

When buying a home with Gleeson, there are lots of helpful schemes to make homeownership even easier.

With 74% of our customers being first-time buyers, we have created Gleeson’s own first-time buyer assist scheme, find out more about it here.

You could make use of the Home Reach part buy – part rent scheme* where you can buy a share of your chosen new home and just pay a monthly rent on the part you don’t own.

There's also First Homes, a new government scheme which allows first-time buyers to buy selected new homes at a discount of at least 30% of the market value*.

And let’s not forget to mention our partnership with Armed Forces Direct if you are in the military.

 *Terms and conditions apply

webuild communities

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At Gleeson, we build communities

Not only will you be benefitting from a new home, you’ll also benefit from the community our developments create. Between 2020 and 2021, 57% of our customers already lived within five miles of their chosen development, showing how we build local homes for local people. With Gleeson you can gain independence, and take that next step towards your future but still enjoy those home comforts that come with knowing your area and the community.

We also understand the importance of involving the community before and during the construction of your home, so that’s why we employ local labour and use local suppliers. Meaning when you buy with us, you’re also supporting your local community and are helping to create local jobs for local people.

“We’ve made some amazing friends with our lovely neighbours”

Zach, 24